History & Tradition

Catholic parochial education has been a part of the St. John Parish Mission since 1866.  The church sacristy served as our first classroom and it is fitting that Christ has remained the focus of each of our classrooms down through the ages as we moved from a 2-room schoolhouse, to the original elementary school location on Main Street, to our present-day Monroe Street site.  The School Sisters of Notre Dame staffed our school from 1898-1997 and have left their mark in a richly spiritual legacy which endures today!

Our multi-acre suburban campus consists of the newly dedicated Church, School, Parish Center, Parish Hall and Rectory and is located in Westminster, Maryland, just off Route 140 and Englar Road.  Our campus has rolling, grassy meadows and asphalt for physical education and recess activities.  A clean, bright cafeteria and suitable gym with stage area are two indispensable resources in constant use. All facilities are open extensively to parish/community organizations for their use after school hours.

In 1866, St. John School’s first classes were held in the sacristy of the old brick church on Main Street.  With the help of Father Joseph H. Cassidy, the fourth pastor of St. John, the school had grown to include a new building, over 90 students and religious order teachers form the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  In 1927, Father Martin P.J. Egan, the seventh pastor, opened the high school.  The first graduating class was in 1931.  Father John J. Murphy, the twelfth pastor began a capital campaign for a new high school on the newly purchased Monroe Street property.  The new high school building was dedicated in 1958.  Unfortunately, the high school closed in June of 1969.  The following spring, the elementary school, which was flourishing, moved to the current Monroe Street location.  In 1992, the new addition to the school was dedicated and a kindergarten program was added.  Our pre-school program started in 2010 with the addition of a four your-old class. 

Within the last few years, in the Fall of 2014, St. John School was selected by the Healey Education Foundation to participate in their Catholic School Development Program. During the three-year partnership, our school receives financial support in the form of grants as well as direction and leadership from Laura Lang, our Healey Foundation Director of Schools.  In accordance with their motto of "Helping Schools Help Themselves," the Healey Foundation focuses on enrollment management, development, and school board governance.  The benefits and blessings of our partnership are endless and the rewards are evident in our student retention, and in the continued growth and development of enrollment and fundraising efforts.  

Our student population is comprised of Catholic and Christian families primarily from Carroll County. We do have a few families who commute from neighboring counties.  Our demographics reflect the communities we serve.  We currently have 261 students enrolled, with an average of 20 students per class.  At this time, we have one class per grade from Preschool through Grade 5 and 2 classes per grade in our middle school, grades 6 through 8.  Our ratio of teachers to students is 12:1 and allows for a unique opportunity to individualize instruction, identify strengths and talents, and coach accordingly. Technology is integrated through our curriculum in all grades.  We have 192 ipads for individual student usage for grades 5 through 8.  Additional ipads, Chromebooks, computers and 3D printers are available 

St. John School has been educating students in the Carroll County community for over 150 years.  Today, we are the only Catholic school in Carroll County.  While the school’s history is vast,  our goal has been consistent: to provide students with an excellent academic education that is rooted in our Catholic faith.