Financial Policies


The following are St. John School Board policies.

  1. Registration emails were sent out to all current families.  Enrollment is completed online at School Admin Online
  2. A notice will be sent to all families who have not met their full financial obligations for the past school year. The initial tuition payment for all plans, the amount of which is dependent on the tuition plan selected, is due in August, prior to the upcoming school year.
  3. All families who request financial aid are required to do the following: a) submit a Parent Financial Statement to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid, for a $23 fee. The statement is evaluated by the Princeton Educational Testing Service and the evaluation is sent to the principal. b) submit current tax forms to the principal Both sets of documents are reviewed with strict confidentiality by a committee approved by the pastor. Recommendations for aid awards are subject to approval by the pastor.

Payment of Tuition

Tuition may be paid in one of 2 ways. The first is to make one full payment directly to the school. The second option is to pay either 2 or 10 times a year through the FACTS Tuition Management Company.

Failure to Satisfy Financial Obligations

Failure to satisfy tuition obligations or any other financial obligations to St. John School or St. John HSA, for the school year, will have the following consequences.

  • If a student is graduating, records will not be forwarded to the high school.
  • If a student is transferring to a new school, records will not be forwarded, verbally or in writing, to that institution.
  • If a student intends to enroll for the ensuing year at St. John School, he / she will NOT be permitted to return until all financial situations are resolved.

NOTE: A student transferring to St. John, from another Catholic school, will not be accepted until all financial obligations have been satisfied at the previous Catholic school.

Returned Checks

Checks made out to St. John School, St. John Lunchbox, or St. John HSA, that are returned for insufficient funds, will be assessed a $25 fee. If a family continues to have checks returned for lack of funds, only cash, certified checks, or money orders will be accepted for any financial transactions.

Withdrawal from the School

If a student withdraws from St. John School, a percentage of the total tuition amount (for the payment plan selected) must be paid, according to the following schedule. Withdrawal Date Percentage of Total Tuition Owed:

Prior to first day of school -15%
First day of school to 9/30 - 20%
10/1 to 10/31 - 30%
11/1 to 11/30 - 40%
12/1 to 12/31 - 50%
1/1 to 1/31 - 60%
2/1 to 2/28 (2/29 in leap year) 70%
3/1 to 3/31 - 80%
4/1 to 4/30 -90%
5/1 to last day of school -100%

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When first registering in the school, the parent(s) (guardian) signs the following statement: “If my child is accepted, I, as a parent (guardian), agree to pay tuition and fees, and comply with all other policies as per handbook and directives from the Principal’s Office, while my child attends St. John School.”


In cases where the philosophical positions or the views of a parent result in repeated noncompliance with regard to school policies, the administration reserves the right to request that said parent’s child/children withdraw from the school.


St. John School reserves the right to amend the Parent/Student.