We are a Catholic parish family, devoted to worshipping God and spreading the Good News of the Lord, by word and example.  We hope you will be encouraged to become more involved in our worship and our many ministries and activities. You have a home at St. John Church and with the St. John family! For more information regarding the Parish Community please visit the St. John Church Parish Website.

Service Outreach at St. John Catholic School
At St. John Catholic School we instill the importance of discipleship and citizenship within our students. From participating in events during Catholic Schools week to community outreach our students are actively involved in service throughout the school year. For more information please visit our Service Outreach Page.

The Liturgy & Sacraments
As a Catholic School we integrate the Catholic Faith into our curriculum and daily lessons. Students participate in daily prayer, attend weekly masses, and receive instruction in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Discover more by visiting the The Liturgy & Sacraments page.

Prayer & Retreats
As disciplies of Christ, we are encouraged to live and share our faith daily. From daily prayer to religious retreats throughout the year, our students are always developing & practicing their faith. Learn more by visiting the prayer & retreats page.

Each year seminarians from Mount St. Mary’s engage with our students on a weekly basis. Our seminarians provide additional support & guidance for our students and their path to Christ. To learn more about this unique program please visit the Vocations Page.