We would like to congratulate our students in Grades 5-8 who made Honor Roll this first trimester:

Principal's Honor Roll:  All A's in standard academic classes
First Honors: A's and no more than 2 B's in standard academic classes
Second Honors:  At least 3 B's and nothing less than a B in standard academic classes 

Principal Honors 
5th Grade Principal Honors:

  •  Olivia Blake
  • William Coyne
  • Brendan Moran
  • Maxamilian Reinhardt
  • Peyton Reisdorf

6th Grade Principal Honors:

  • Hannah Dell
  • Gabriel Erb
  • Gabrielle Kapfer
  • Matthew Leimbach
  • Riley Norwood
  • Nic Pierce
  • Caroline Payne
  • Gabrielle Poulose
  • Dante Tapia Pujals
  • Maryangeles Vasquez Cano
  • Casey Wrobel

7th Grade  Principal Honors:

  • Elizabeth Alcid
  • Christopher Magaha
  • Natalia Markulis
  • Joey Martyniuk
  • Kristy Pfaff
  • Sophie Schwaab  
  • Lauren Helminiak
  • Ben Pierce
  • Sophia Saccone
  • Casey Scott

8th Grade Principal Honors:

  • Andy Dvorak 
  • Nathaniel Erb
  • Sean Coyne
  • Isabelle Erb
  • Grace McNally
  • Olivia Mitchell

1st Honors 
 5th Grade 1st Honors:

  • Kathleen Diamond
  • Jake Dulski
  • Samuel Stromberg 
  • Griffin Vincent

6th Grade 1st Honors:

  • Alivia Illiano
  • Chloe Koger
  • Samantha Smith
  • Tucker Spriggs

7th Grade 1st Honors:

  • Jake Berman
  • Cristian Perez
  • Irene Shijo
  • Leslie Velazquez
  •  Wilcoria Taku
  • George Giordani
  • Faith Reisdorf
  • Matthew Saccone

8th Grade 1st Honors:

  • Courtney Devilbiss
  • Melina Primrose
  • Mary Ripper 
  • Jianna Simcik
  • Gabby DeAdder
  • Tommy Holford
  • Audrey Kapfer
  • Kayla Schatz


 2nd Honors  

5th Grade 2nd Honors :

  • Kolbe Beaghan
  • Megan Byrne
  • Christopher Cole
  • Paige Curtis
  • Charlie DeAdder
  • Hannah Geppi
  • Kyle Miller
  • Michalina Miller
  • Marissa Moore
  • Isabelle Pearson
  • Amara Okoye
  • Preston Younkins

6th Grade 2nd Honors :

  • Matthew Baran
  • Sophia Coco
  • Leah Kaminski
  • Emma Knight
  • Sara Lawson

7th Grade 2nd Honors: 

  • Andrew Baran
  • Nicolas Beaghan
  • Tyler Grove
  • James Payne
  • David Smith
  •  Liam Scott 

8th Grade 2nd Honors:

  • Lilly Beaghan
  • Michelle Crookston
  • Amanda Cullen
  • Sarah Diamond        
  • Olivia Ambs
  • Charles Brocato
  • Kate Carter
  • Kiersten Lang

Congratulations to all our Honor Roll Students!! Principal and First Honors celebrated at the Breakfast of Champions Thursday, December 14th.

Congratulations!! St. John's VEX Robotics Team!

The St. Johns VEX Robotics Team, the RoboEagles, competed in the BMore Robotics Manufacturers Cup in Baltimore on October 8th.  This was a High School event and they ended up as tournament finalist and won the design award which qualified them for the MD State High School Championship.  Congratulations to Jake Berman, Timmy Burke, Christopher Magaha, and Alyssa Magaha for a job well done!

Congratulations!! We'd like to recognize the following students / student groups for their outstanding achievement:

Ian Kish - 8th Grade Student Competed in National Gymnastics Competition in Tulsa OK

Ian Kish, incoming 8th grader at St. John School attending the USAG Trampoline and Tumbling National Meet aka "The Stars and Stripes Meet" this July in Tulsa, OK. Ian qualified and competed in two of three events at this meet and placed well. His first event was Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) where he placed 10th at level 7. He also competed in the Tumbling event at level 6 and placed 6th. At this meet 1st through 6th place win a place on the podium where they are recognized as the top competitors. Ian attended this meet with four of his teammates and they all also placed well. Ian is a student of gymnastics at Westminster School of Gymnastics near the Westminster airport. Congratulations Ian!